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Dustbin mould, a garbage can, also known as a waste bin or a garbage can, is a place where the waste is to be placed. When used, the bag is put into a plastic bag, and when the garbage is more than one, the bag can be thrown away. the garbage can is a container of the "dirt and dirt" in the life of people, and is also a refraction of the social culture, most of the garbage can have a cover to prevent the peculiar smell of the garbage, and the garbage can can be opened by a foot, and the garbage can of the household is mostly placed in the kitchen so as to put the kitchen waste, Some families will be set in the main room, and the trash can of some amusement park will be specially designed to be a lovely person. Our company produces daily necessities mould, plastic table and chair, turnover box, tray, packing box, and other plastic moulds for domestic and foreign enterprises. We have rich experience and unique technology. Welcome to purchase our mould, we will provide you with the best service and quality.
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