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Cabinet mould, cabinets are also called wardrobes, cupboard, receiving cabinets, miscellaneous cabinets, injection mold manufacturing. 
1. each component according to the unified modulus design, combination, each other can be closely combined together; 
2. with shelves, drawers, baskets and other accessories, can meet the needs of a variety of kitchen supplies; 
3. there is strong interchangeability between the equipment, 
4. with the atmosphere and aesthetic feeling of furniture, can be suitable for open kitchen use;
5. according to the needs and hobbies, in the size, materials, functions, colors and other aspects of the choice, the combination of personality kitchen; 
With strong technical force and rich mold making experience, the company produces daily necessities mould, plastic table and chair, turnover box, tray, packing box, and other plastic moulds for domestic and foreign enterprises. We have rich experience and unique technology. Welcome to purchase our mould, we will provide you with the best service and quality. 

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